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  How do you move from Expert to Transformational Leader? - By Hervé Da Costa, Managing Director
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Creating Top Managers
Creating Top Teams
Coaching Executives

There is a tipping point in your career when you have become responsible for delivering huge results, yesterday. Suddenly, you cannot just manage any more, you need to define a strategy, figure things out, drive them, convince, influence, rally, motivate, master your emotions and inspire. All of a sudden, it is clear that nothing has prepared you for this. It is as if everything has changed overnight. It is do or die.

You are about to become borderline-unqualified. Unspoken criticism builds up from all sides. Worse, your own high expectations create deep fears of failure; you are not used to less than best . Transformational competencies are not taught in a classroom and reading a book will not help much. What is the way out? What is the way in?

Developing Personal Mastery
Personal excellence is achieved by practice only. Understanding and new awareness is followed by practice with a coach. Mastering your impact is only the first step.
  • Learn to enhance strengths and to compensate for your weaknesses
  • Master time, engagements and complex projects
  • Develop a personal business plan™
  • Communicate your vision and strategic direction
  • Build respect and trust
  • Creating Effective Leadership Teams
    The transition from good contributor to transformational manager-leader involves getting others, particularly teams, to successfully contribute with high autonomy.
    This is achieved through "Stand-and-Deliver" team coaching.
  • Create engaged innovative teams
  • Create common focus and well adopted leadership team practices
  • Clarify roles, rules of engagement and expectations
  • Develop team sync-up processes
  • Developing Continuous Self-Adapting Systems™
    Softlink's systems methodology enables organizations to execute as a synchronized whole and cope effectively with product launches, sudden changes and needs for quick response.
  • Align strategy to people to process to strategy
  • Develop robust dialogue and lateral thinking
  • Identify, assess and coach talent
  • Create a true customer-centered organization
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