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  Leading Senior Teams Through Change
Creating Top Teams At Softlink, we believe that pro-activity is the emergence of the consciousness that the best way to invent the future is to create it yourself. We understand that success is a product of your decisions and not your situation. We facilitate processes that support senior teams in building a coherent, rigorous, rational action plan for their success.

Creating the Future
  • Assessing and learning from the past and the present
  • Assessing the level of change and creating urgency
  • Revealing the field of possibilities
  • Progressing from diagnostic and SWOT analyses to a compelling strategy
  • Linking strategy, processes and people
  • Drafting an inclusive strategic and operational success plan
  • Creating ownership and engagement

  • Delivering the Future
  • Reverse-engineering the future
  • Getting buy-in and convincing key stakeholders
  • Mastering execution: managing and tracking delivery
  • Communicating powerfully through change
  • Managing client and employee relationships
  • Coaching the Leadership Team and high potentials

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