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  Creating and Leading Top Teams
Creating Top Teams Our team engagements include: team alignment, team building and team coaching. In the latter, we follow the progress of the team or its leader with current projects and ensure that high performance behaviors take place and generate compelling results.

Creating High Performance Project Teams
  • Mastering team alignment and discipline: values, goals, mutual responsibility and shared leadership
  • Mastering client relationships and the stakeholder map
  • Developing effective decision making, problem solving and idea generation processes
  • Delivering quality and conflict-free project closure
  • Learning power communications: one-on-one, negotiating and convincing Read more
  • Coaching Teams
  • Mastering team structures and dynamics and developing an effective coaching model
  • Developing diagnosing skills and intervention strategies
  • Creating collaboration and turning conflicts into learning processes
  • Managing the change and/or the innovation process Read more
  • Leading Senior Teams Through Change
  • Expanding the field of possibilities
  • Reverse-Engineering the Future™
  • Defining and delivering change
  • Mastering the client/stakeholder map
  • Mastering execution
  • Aligning strategy, processes & people
  • Leveraging diversity Read more

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