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  Creating High Performance Project Teams
Creating Top Teams Consult our schedule here High performance is defined by two essential dimensions: the team coherence, the ability to work as a cohesive team over time and through conflicts, and the team's productivity, the ability to deliver tangible results to the stakeholders of a project. Both dimensions require different leadership competencies and methods. Through experiential learning action workshops, we ensure that those competencies are specifically targeted for the benefit of the executive trainees

Creating Team Coherence
  • Mastering time, engagements and team discipline
  • Creating alignment and clarifying values, goals, objectives and priorities
  • Developing ownership, accountability, mutual responsibility and shared leadership
  • Developing effective decision making, problem soving and idea generation processes
  • Boosting creativity and the collective intelligence
  • Turning conflicts into alignment and learning opportunities
  • Learning power communications: one-on-one, presenting, negotiating and convincing
  • Relying on each other for professional growth and development - networking
  • Delivering Results
  • Understanding how to build high-impact projects
  • Mastering client relationships and the stakeholder map
  • Delivering quality and conflict-free project closure
  • Managing the change and innovation process
  • Creating client collaboration and co-creation
  • Managing virtual teams effectively.
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