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  Coaching Teams
Creating Top Teams Request more information here At Softlnk, coaching is gutsy and engaging. We rely on solid initial enquiries and assessments to customize the coaching model. Within our action learning programs, the teams are encouraged to create a life of their own based on a common compelling goal. Team members learn to support each other in their individual developmental goals in the long term.

Enabling Team Excellence
  • Mastering time, engagements and team discipline
  • Creating alignment and clarifying values, goals, objectives and priorities
  • Developing ownership, accountability, mutual responsibility and shared leadership
  • The art of communicating powerfully: feedback and the four levels of listening
  • Confronting Groupthink in the innovation process
  • Turning conflicts into learning opportunities
  • Group practices: one-on-one, presenting, negotiating and convincing
  • Supporting each other's development plans and networking

  • Enabling High Performance Engagements
  • Understanding how to build high impact projects
  • Mastering client relationships and the stakeholder map
  • Delivering quality and conflict-free project closure
  • Managing the change and innovation process
  • Creating client collaboration and co-creation
  • Managing virtual teams effectively
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