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Creating Top Teams Our consultant-coaches help top executives clarify their objectives and the path to reach them. Through regular one-on-one sessions, the clients enhance their leadership style and the framework they need to succeed.

Enabling Executive Excellence
  • Building credibility and influence
  • Creating execution excellence: discipline and alignment
  • Building and managing trust
  • Formulating a compelling vision and managing change
  • Diagnosing systemic and functional problems
  • Eliminating unproductive and subversive behaviors
  • Communicating effectively inside and outside the organization
  • Key Factors in Executive Advancement
  • Creating time and delegating
  • Resolving conflicts effectively
  • Displaying respect, integrity and resolve
  • Having influence and proven people skills
  • Demonstrating strong emotional intelligence
  • Creating a powerful network of relationships
  • Getting things done and not getting lost in the details
  • Definining roles, processes and performance measures
  • Setting directions and thinking strategically
  • Building a strong executive team
  • Having a nose for talent hiring and developing
  • Building a capacity for innovation and change
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