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  Creating High Performing Teams Workshop
In partnership with world class business schools, Softlink is pleased to offer an intensive leadership workshop on Creating High Performance Teams.

Today's teams face a high level of expectations, a dynamic and increasingly complex environment. The ability to execute has become an essential key to success. It requires that:

  • A common managerial culture be put in place
  • A high degree of expertise in team practices be achieved
  • Things be done right the first time
  • Transversal teams be interdependent with high cohesion and productivity
  • Methods be standardized to save time, reduce costs, limit conflicts and risks
  • Individuals develop a high level of maturity, influential ability and emotional mastery.

  • Learning Outcomes:
  • Understand and implement shared leadership
  • Create team mutual responsibility, trust and alignment
  • Structure team cohesion, productivity and creativity
  • Develop mastery in team communications
  • Enhance the team decision-making process
  • Create highly collaborative client & stakeholder relationships
  • Learn to re-negociate project objectives and resources
  • Boost the rate of high quality deliveries
  • Troubleshoot and receive coaching on real situation.


    When, where:

    Click here for our trainings dates and tuitions in Valence, Paris or San Francisco: SCHEDULE

    What makes it unique?
    Based on more than 20 years of delivering leadership trainings in nearly 30 countries, our methodology opens new levels of leadership development expertise. Through our robust trainer-coach approach, participants directly experience how to create high value and impact. They leave with a tool kit that is immediately applicable to their environment.

    The audience:
    Managers, project teams, collaborators working in a transversal mode, startup entrepreneurs

    The workshop is available in a 2 or 3 day format
    Enrollment is limited to 15 persons per session
    Call: +33 9-77-07-37-05
    Email: info @

    "Astonishing workshop! A tremendous boost to our competency. This is about reaching the top 1%"

    Michel Delbecq
    Chief Information Officer
    Sephora, France & EMEA

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