Leadership Tracks
Why Do Successful Executives Behave Like Thugs?
This article outlines three modes of leadership that influence the behaviors of executives and how to train them for better results. Read more
How do you move from Expert to Leader?
FInd out the competencies that an emerging leader needs to develop to increase its influence. Read more
Creating Top Teams
The 3 training modules focus on creating high impact teams in ambitious organizations and global environments. Read more
Reaching high-performance
How do you create top managers?
Our management training module delivers high impactand high value approach by combining experential learning and coaching. Read more
High Performance Team training:
Register to our flagship training now available in Paris, Valence and San Francisco. Enrollment is limited. Read more
Understanding Silicon Valley's Entrepreneurship
An interview performed at the School of Management of Lyon, France, on entrepreneurship in the US and what needs to be developed in Europe and emerging economies. (In French). Read more
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